Melton South Community Centre Inc.

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What do you do?

We are a Neighbourhood House and Learn Local facility located in Melton South, which means we wear many hats! 

We primarily offer adult education courses to suit a wide range of interests and experience levels. A lot of these short courses are employment-related, and are a great way to enhance your skills for your current work or to help you get a new job. If that's not your focus at the moment (if you're settled into a job and already have the skills, or you're retired, or you're just interested in learning), you can still join our courses, which include a variety of computer subjects and industry taster courses as well as a number of fun, recreational/hobby courses and classes.

Also at the centre is our food bank service for concession-card holders living within the City of Melton, social meeting groups, support groups and our Community Garden - it's never a dull moment, so come on down and join in the fun!

Where are you located?

You can find us at 41 Exford Road in Melton South, across the road from Melton South Primary School. We're a large green building, with a long driveway lined with colourful bollards. Mt Carberry oval is located at the back of our centre. 

If you're travelling by public transport, we're a 5-10 minute walk from Melton train station, and the 457 bus stops right outside our building!

Are you part of Melton Council?

Put simply, no. Although the centre itself is owned by Melton Council, we are an independent facility and are not connected to any of the programs or services offered by the City of Melton.

How do I enrol in a course?

If you're interested in enrolling, check out our Enrolment page here for all the information you'll need! The most important thing, though, is that you contact us directly before going any further with your booking.

What format do your courses take?

All of our courses are face-to-face, held in person at the centre. We simply don't have the resources to have online classes, and we find that many people prefer in-person learning, particularly when learning to use computers.

When does your term program come out?

Our term programs are released quarterly throughout the year, with terms happening at the same time as school terms. We aim to release each program over the school holidays, so everyone has time to have a read and decide what to enrol into. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with what's happening at the centre and when to start looking out for the program.

How do I subscribe to your term program?

Get in touch and let us know you'd like to receive it! Our program is emailed to everyone on our mailing list the day it's released to the public, and enrolments open as soon as the program is released.

Do you have activities for kids?

We offer a number of activities for children aged 8-12 years; check out our program for further details. Unfortunately we don't offer any classes or activities for babies or children aged younger than 8 years.

How does your food bank work?

The MSCC/ADRA food bank operates at the centre every Friday (excluding public holidays) and is available to people currently living in the City of Melton, who have a current Centrelink concession card. 

Patrons are asked to bring their own reusable shopping bags, and to contribute $3.00 each week where possible - with 200 households needing food every week, these funds are vital for making sure we can get enough food to help everyone who needs it. There is no limit on how many times eligible people can access the food bank. 

Those wishing to access the service need to come to the centre at 10:00 on Friday morning and see the volunteer, who will be seated at the gates to the playground area at the front of the centre (facing our carpark). The volunteer will take your details and give you a time (in the afternoon) to come back and collect your parcel of food. 

The contents of the parcel vary from one week to the next, but usually contains bread, fresh produce, dairy and some pantry essentials. 

The finishing time for the food bank varies each week, depending on demand, so we encourage patrons to come as early as they can - particularly as our limited carpark fills up very quickly. For the sake of safety, convenience and courtesy, we ask that you not remain parked at the centre for longer than absolutely necessary.

Can I volunteer?

We're always happy to hear from people interested in volunteering at the centre! If you're interested in working with our food bank or Community Garden, or anywhere else in the centre, get in touch - we'll take your details, as well as your resume, and we'll be in touch about possible opportunities.

Are you looking for tutors?

We're always on the lookout for tutors and class ideas! If you have a skill you'd like to contribute, or an idea for a class that you think people might enjoy, get in touch.

Do you offer student placements?

Unfortunately we don't. We simply don't have the space or the resources to be able to fit anybody in.

Is there car parking available at the centre?

There is, but it's extremely limited - particularly on Fridays, when up to 200 Melton residents visit the centre to access the food bank. Some parking is available at the kindergarten located next door to us, but we know this isn't ideal, especially for our elderly and disabled patrons. We encourage everyone to write to Melton Council, or to send them an email, outlining the issues with the car park and requesting that more be allocated for the centre. If there is enough public campaigning, maybe something can be done and we can better serve our community.

Is the centre accessible for people with disabilities or additional needs?

Yes! We welcome people from all walks of life. Our centre is wheelchair-accessible and Carer Friendly, and we do everything we possibly can to make peoples' visits happy ones.

Can I pay for my course on the day?

Definitely not. All enrolments must be completed no later than one week BEFORE your course or class - this includes payment, as well as the required paperwork. If this doesn't happen, you will lose your spot in the class and the class may be cancelled completely.

Can I hire space at the centre?

That depends on the hire. We aren't able to accommodate large gatherings (more than approximately 20 people) or social/family events, and we aren't able to facilitate political or religious functions. Our focus is on providing space for community groups and organisations to meet - if what you have in mind fits that bill, we'd love to hear from you!