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Location information
The title of the automatically generated <a href="/locationmap">map page</a>.
Enter your address separated by commas. This will be sent to Google for geocoding to determine the geographical coordinates of your location. Include any suitable from: # Street, Suburb, City, Region/State, Postcode/Zip, Country.
Enable zooming on the map using the mouse's scrollwheel.
Geographical coordinates
Geographical coordinates for your location. Location map will try to obtain this information from Google using the address above. You are also able to fine-tune this by dragging the marker on the <a href="/locationmap">map page</a>. Under normal circumstances you would not set these coordinates manually.
The description that will be shown when a user clicks on the marker. If this field is empty, the address will be used.
This always applies to the page view. The block must be set to interactive mode to see marker information.
Any additional information that you would like to include above the map.
Any additional information you would like to include below the map.